About Us

ArcSense is dedicated to helping people avoid or delay the onset of chronic disease by focusing on stress detection and management.

Persistent and high levels of stress are becoming more common in modern life. This stress is a contributory factor to 80% of chronic disease, causing billions in health system and insurance cost while robbing people of productive healthy days of their life.

Stress plays a significant role in adherence to health living. As stress increases or persists, we eat more sugary food, our sleep deteriorates and we stop exercising. ArcSense enables stress detection and helps solve the problem of adherence to healthy lifestyle choices through scientifically proven stress management practices.

Its early days at ArcSense, were developing and testing adherence mechanisms that include elements of effective change psychology as well as gamification. We expect to have our fist app out by December 2018. In the meantime our HRV analysis engine is available here and we’ll be adding functionality as we grow.



Dr Leila Alem

Co-Founder, Head of Product & Design

Dr Leila Alem has twenty-five years of experience in helping businesses transform for the Digital Future. Her expertise includes designing digital products and new customer experiences leveraging emerging technologies such as AI, Wearables, AR/ VR and MR as well as Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and Agile methodologies. She has over ten years experience in digital health having designed award winning telehealth solutions. Her latest work includes designing and evaluating a national trial for remote monitoring of chronic disease patients, a 5.6 million dollars project funded by DoHa. Leila is an Adjunct Prof at UTS in Human Computer Interaction


Richard Duggan

Co-Founder & MD

Richard Duggan has twenty-five years of experience in business development, sales and marketing on four continents. He has built and scaled a number of new ventures from inside large technology organizations both across Asia Pacific and globally, one growing from start-up to $500M in four years. Richard’s most recent corporate role was to implement and scale a marketplace based SaaS aggregation business throughout Asia Pacifc. Providing automation of marketing, sales, collections and management of SaaS services through IT reseller channels.